Go play in the Tar-Sands

As I travel to Toronto perhaps three times a month on business, I subscribe to the GO Transit system’s “GO E-news Alert” service.

This is invaluable to me, and can save a great deal of time wasted for reasons ranging from equipment malfunctions, to vandalism and ‘pedestrian accidents’. 

Today, however, I received a definitely unwanted message: 

“Lakeshore East and West GO Train Passengers: At the request of police, GO Transit will now have all Lakeshore Line trains terminating at Danforth GO station on the Lakeshore East line and Mimico GO Station on the Lakeshore West Line. Passengers have the option to return to their respective station outside of the law enforcements’ secured downtown zone.  (Meaning what, exactly? JG).  This is a temporary measure and we will notify of any changes. For detailed information regarding G20 and how it might affect your travel with us this weekend, please visit our Service Updates page at gotransit.com or click the following link for updates: http://www.gotransit.com/publicroot/en/updates/status.aspx
This message was sent on: 6/26/2010 2:33 PM”

It takes a good 40 minutes to get from the Danforth to downtown, with a cash fare of $3 each way.  Mimico is probably about the same.  Tickets are good all the way to Union, and this additional time and expense is an unacceptable imposition on the general public.

Harper will pay dearly for this massive closing-down of the centre of Canada’s largest city just so he can frolic and posture with the world’s leaders.    

And if this results in massive upheaval, with all the attendant property damage, broken glass, injuries, and possibly even fatalities, then his political career will be toast.  And good riddance.

Why can’t the police and the rent-a-mob protestors go play someplace else?  Like in the middle of Lake Ontario, or the Alberta Tar Sands perhaps?

Morons all – starting with Harper.

Jeff Goodall