Good Jewish Bitches?

Do you think we will ever see a TV series, or a movie, with the above name? Not very likely, that would be hateful and ‘anti-Semitic’! But being anti-Christian is the new normal, at least in some circles, and North America very nearly got a television series called “Good Christian Bitches”.

It was re-named “Good Christian Belles”, and then further re-named “GCB” after complaints from Christian and feminist organisations. Surprisingly, the series will keep the “Good Christian Bitches” monicker in Australia and New Zealand.

At least two of the actresses are Jewish, and yet I have seen complaints in Jewish websites about Shirley Maclean being cast for the part as Lady Cora’s mother in Downton Abbey. The thinking seems to be that if a character is Jewish then it then should be played by a Jewish actress, but allowing Jewish actresses to demean Christian women does not seem problematical in any way…

And who brings us the latest in this decades-long attack on White, Christian civilisation? The same good people who brought us “Meet the Fokkers” no doubt, and who use the motion picture and TV entertainment industries as powerful propaganda vehicles to cheapen and demean us.

This is a particularly brazen attack, and the use of the word “bitches” reaches an all-time low. I think some people in the entertainment industry are getting a little too smart for their own good, and there has been talk of boycotting advertisers who buy time on the TV channels carrying this insultingly-named garbage.

I wish them the greatest possible success.

See the Wikipedia entry for “GCB (TV series)” here. I notice that the URL remains un-sanitised…

Read the “Christian Examiner’s” article “ABC’s new show mocks Christian woman, boycott pledged” (March, 2011) hereQuote: “This is just more proof that Christians alone can now be targeted for the most offensive kind of bigoted discrimination, with approval from the very people who see themselves as paragons of tolerance… this entire series is a hate crime since it singles out one group of people for vitriol and abuse.”

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