Queen Victoria’s place in Canadian history

In April 2000 I wrote a letter to the Toronto Sun in which I stood up for the Palestinians, and since then, I almost gave up on writing letters to newspapers because, contrary to my frequent successes in the past, they were no longer published.  But I persevered, partly because I love to express myself on items I agree with, and I find that writing about subjects that displease me has a soothing effect and takes the edge off my annoyance.

Perhaps due to the passage of time, my efforts now occasionally bear fruit, but only as long as I stick to basic conservative issues.  As I see it, I get rewarded for sticking to newspapers’ general editorial policy, and punished for deviating from their policy on Israel.  Whatever!  I have this website for my own editorialising on the Middle East and third-world immigration.

The following exchange of letters in the Toronto Sun’s editorial pages will undoubtedly result in responses for-and-against, although most papers don’t like too much back-and-forth on their pages.

I will use this post to start a “Letters To The Editor” category, and add items as I find newspaper clippings in various places around the house.  At some point, I want to totally revamp my site and get items like this properly organised by date, and perhaps by newspaper.

A little self-indulgence!

Jeff Goodall.

May 23rd 2012:

A Canadian holiday?

We all love a long weekend. I salute the holiday, a day off, especially a Monday, and you have to love the start of summer. But why “Victoria Day”? Canada is a free country and it’s not like the Queen is a real part of our lives. Sure, we’re friends with England, but do they have a holiday named for sacrifices made by Canada for their freedom today? The time has come to rename our holiday in May. We don’t need a million-dollar symposium to evaluate the benefits. Let’s make it simple. Involve all of Canada, ask for suggestions.
Greg Baldwin
(The May two-four weekend would probably win)

May 28th, 2012:

Honouring our history

Re “A Canadian holiday?” (Letters, May 23): Why is it that a perfectly natural desire to consider Canada a “free” country is so often morphed into an illogical rejection of the history, personalities, and factors which enabled Canada to become a nation in the first place? Queen Victoria presided over one of the most stable periods of the British Empire, and thus Canada was able to come into being without any fussing or bloodshed. We cannot change the past, and to accept the benefits of the past while at the same time rejecting its symbols and personalities is both nonsensical and ungrateful. Canada is one of many countries resulting from an extensive period of White European colonialism. Deal with it.

Jeff Goodall – Oshawa

(That makes sense)

Note:  I find it interesting that the Edmonton Sun’s version of my letter spells “White” (as in “White European colonialism”) as “white”.  Tut-tut, these racists…

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