Notorious ‘Section 13’ repealed by House of Commons vote

At the foot of this commentary is the full text of an item posted June 6th, 2012 on the “Anti-Racist Canada” blog.  Pointing out that “hate speech” will now be handled by the police and the courts, and noting that “acts of hate speech are serious crimes”, “Nosferatu200” finishes with the cautionary note “Be careful what you wish for”. 

Wrong, wrong, wrong, anonymous one! 

Now, instead of being dragged before kangaroo courts which a) make up their own rules of conduct, b) do not accept the truth as a defense, and c) will convict simply on the basis of an allegation of “hurt feelings”, those accused of committing “acts of hate” will be a) granted due process, b) the presumption of innocence, and c) their accusers will not have their legal bills footed at public expense by a fawning “human rights industry”. 

Not only is this a massive improvement, but more importantly, it represents a return to the logic and common sense which was completely lacking in the heyday of serial-plaintiff Richard Warman, who received the “Saul Hayes Human Rights Award” from the Canadian Jewish Congress in June 2007 for “distinguished service to the cause of human rights.” 

Until the finding by Canadian Human Rights Tribunal member Athanasios Hadjis in 2009 that Section 13 of the Canada Human Rights Act is unconstitutional, not a single accused was found innocent.  To my mind, that says it all.

Of course, the police, ADL, CJC and others, will continue to bombard us with grim statistics about the number of “hate crimes” being committed, but as I have said before, for a crime to have been committed there must first be a trial, followed by a conviction. 

Anything else is just pumping up the statistical propaganda in order to pursue a political agenda.

To wrap it up, this is excellent news and I hope the House’s condemnation of Section 13 is followed through to it’s final removal from the books.

Jeff Goodall.
Copy and paste from the ARC website: 

“Sec. 13 Repealed

“Not all that much of a surprise:

“Conservative government votes to repeal sections on hate speech from human rights code

“It still needs to pass through the senate, but we’re sure that is likely a formality.

“A bit short sighted, but not exactly the end of the world either.

“We understand the boneheads might be very happy, but they should consider the fact that Sec. 13 and the CHRT were used instead of the criminal code in many cases.

“Acts of hate speech are serious crimes that should be investigated by police officers, not civil servants, he said, and the cases should be handled by “real judges and real lawyers,” instead of a quasi-judicial body like the human rights commission.

“Be careful what you wish for.
“Posted by Nosferatu200 at 11:40 PM”

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