Toronto: Politically-correct ‘blinkers’ endanger the public

It would have been a “no-brainer” for Ontario Premier McGuinty and Mayor Ford to agree to gang up on Ottawa and demand an end to the disastrous immigration, refugee, and family re-unification policies which are causing such havoc in Toronto and other large cities in Canada; a simple matter of addressing the cause  rather than the effects.

But no!  Ford wanted millions of dollars for more police officers to cope with the problem, from a Premier who is running a multi-billion-dollar deficit.  How stupid.  The meeting was yesterday, and as it happened, Ford got nothing more than an undertaking to continue funding for the “Toronto Anti-Violence Intervention Strategies” programme next year. 

Ford will be meeting with Prime Minister Harper today, and is quoted in the Toronto Sun (here) as saying “I’ll be meeting with the prime minister and talking exactly what we talked about today –  making this city a safe city for everyone that comes here to vacation, to work and to live… We can’t have any of this gunplay continue and I’m going to do everything in my power to eliminate it… A lot of this comes down to stable funding and that’s what I am going to be asking the prime minister for”. 

No mention is made of any initiative to ask Harper to commence a review our pathetic immigration laws.

The media will not discuss the immigration aspects of the problem, nor will they allow anyone else to, as in “letters-to-the-editor”.  Indeed, on July 21st, The National Post’s letters editor Paul Russell had this to say:

“Other readers blamed our immigration and multiculturism policies for contributing to the social problems plaguing Toronto. A few letters were published in this regard, but not those that specifically blamed members of just one race for these shootings. (Since no one has been convicted, letter writers cannot take it upon themselves to pass judgment in this area.)

“Speaking of race, this reader questioned why the name of a Caucasian teen killed in Toronto seven years ago keeps surfacing in stories (six times in the last six months) about current crime problems in Toronto.

“I am curious why journalists insist on referencing Jane Creba’s 2005 murder as ‘shocking Toronto,’ ” wrote Kristin Kent. “All murders in this city are atrocious, not just when a white girl falls victim. This is a consistent blow to minorities, so why do journalists across the city still include this unrelated detail in their stories?”

I doubt that Jane Creba’s parents would regard the loss of their daughter as an “unrelated detail” in any context, but she was White, so referencing her innocent death in the cross-fire as Black gang members shot it out in a crowded public place is considered to be a “blow to minorities”.

And Jane Creba did not knowingly put herself in harm’s way by attending a social function in a part of town known to be “at risk” and violence-prone, but why let facts get in the way of politically-correct propaganda! 

Vivi Leimonis presumably counts even less, despite the fact that she was killed by a blast from a sawed-off shotgun when armed men tried to rob patrons of the Just Desserts Café in 1994.  That is because her accused killer was found “not guilty” in the slaying. 

He was, however, shot and killed eleven years later in his native Jamaica, to which he had been deported following the trial.

Getting back to the media, I have written to the Toronto Sun’s Editor-in-Chief James Wallace, saying that:

“It seems to me that newspaper discussion on the issue of crime and shootings in Toronto is restricted to matters of banning guns, cracking down on criminals, and providing funds for recreational facilities for “at risk” youth etc.

“To my mind, we are being restricted to discussing how to cope with the problem, rather than how to eliminate the problem at the source.  To be specific, in my opinion we don’t have a “gun” problem, we have an “immigrant” problem. 

“Why is it that no discussion on that aspect of the issue is allowed?”

It will be interesting to see what the response, if any, will be. 

As the story about a visiting third-world dignitary to the United States goes, upon being asked what he thought of free speech, the visitor replied to the effect that it’s very nice to be able to say whatever you want – as long as you own a newspaper.

Discussion of Toronto’s escalating gangs and guns problem is restricted to approved dialogue in a sanitized, politically correct sandbox. 

And if you don’t accept the rules, you don’t get to play.

Jeff Goodall.

Toronto mayor to ask premier for up to $10M for more cops

Toronto Sun
Don Peat: July 23rd, 2012

TORONTO – Mayor Rob Ford will ask Premier Dalton McGuinty Monday for $5 million to $10 million to hire more police officers.

Ford is due to meet with McGuinty and Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair Monday afternoon at Queen’s Park to talk about gun violence in the city.

The “Summit of the Gun” comes a week after gunfire erupted at a Danzig St. block party killing two and injuring 23 others.

“I will be asking for a minimum of $5 million or as much as $10 million, something that is realistic,” Ford said during an interview Monday on AM640 with Lorne Honickman. “I can’t go in there asking for $20 or $25 (million) because obviously I know they don’t have it and it is just not realistic.

“I think $5 million would hire a lot of officers and it would make this city a lot safer and we would get these guns and gangs off our streets, and that is exactly what I want.”

Ford said the request for more TAVIS (Toronto Anti-Violence Intervention Strategy) officers will be his “first ask” to the premier when they meet.

Asked if he was optimistic about the meeting, Ford said he wants to “stop all the rhetoric and small talk” and won’t tolerate any “BS.”

“Money talks and BS walks, I’m not going to sit there and listen to some BS and some reports and yadda yadda,” Ford said. “I’ve got a busy city to run, I’m going to go in there, I’m going to ask for $5 million to $10 million, and I want to be able to give that to Chief Blair and tell the chief go hire police officers and let’s get the city cleaned up.”

The mayor was under fire last week for his objection to, as he calls them, “hug-a-thug” programs as a way to curb gun violence.

Ford told Honickman he simply wants to be able to measure “the success of these programs.”

“How do you measure this stuff? You’re throwing a lot of money at it but at the end of the day you can’t measure exactly how many people are being helped by that,” Ford said. “I’m just saying I don’t want to throw good money after bad and just say, you know, we’re going to throw money at the problem.”

Asked about a ban on guns, Ford doubted gangsters would abide by a ban.

“The thugs, the gang members aren’t going to turn in their guns, they are not going to register their guns,” Ford said.

McGuinty said Friday a national handgun ban would help curb gun violence in Toronto.

Ford said a gun ban would only punish those who like to go “pheasant shooting or skeet shooting or duck hunting.”

“You really think the gang members are going to line up and say, ‘OK … this is my Glock I have here.’ C’mon, it’s a waste of taxpayers’ money. Let’s get real. Let’s not punish law-abiding people who like to go skeet shooting or duck hunting.”

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