AIPAC and the Foreign Registration Act: Petition

“The Foreign Registration Act clearly states that any lobby that acts on behalf of a foreign government must register as a foreign agent. Even though AIPAC has been caught spying for Israel, shamelessly campaigns to give American tax dollars to Israel for weapons that are used to kill Palestinian civilians, and lobbies for American soldiers to die in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Iran for Israel’s hegemony of the Middle East…

“… it is still the only foreign lobby in Washington that does not have to register under the act. We must Abolish AIPAC NOW. If they wish to lobby, they too must be required to register as lobbyist for a foreign agent!”

The full text of the petition can be read by following the link below.

Although this petition has been signed by some people from outside the United States, I will not be doing so as I think it is inappropriate.  However, I am posting this for the benefit of any of my American readers who may wish to sign it.

This election year provides an excellent opportunity to show both parties where you stand on Israel’s political, economic and military stranglehold over the “Land of The Free”.

Jeff Goodall.

Read and sign the petition here.  (This may require a little patience, but it can be done!)

See the ‘American Israel Public Affairs Committee & Israeli Espionage’ and ‘Israel Lobby’ categories here and here.

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