Reflections on “Dump Israel!”

The above title refers to my post “U.S. intelligence community draft report says dump Israel!” which  appears immediately beneath this one.  

In it, I reviewed an article by Franklin Lamb which appeared recently on the Foreign Policy Journal website. Of all the posts I have put up on “”, this one has achieved by far the widest coverage and number of site visits.  It has also resulted in posting and debate on a large number of forums, ranging from the right-wing “Stormfront” to the presumably more mainstream “”.

Much as I am pleased about this, I see that several commentators in a number of forums are suggesting that Franklin Lamb’s article is deliberate disinformation, intended to interfere with the current American elections.  And, as some observers suggest, Franklin Lamb doesn’t provide a link to any original material. 

Then again, the disclaimer at the foot of FPJ’s article puts things into context – “Editor’s Note: While this report does not mention the source for the information concerning the alleged draft report, FPJ with permission from the author is able to disclose that the source is a staffer with a certain research unit of the CIA.”

And if this is still just a draft, it is hardly surprising there is no original link; it will not be posted until it is approved, and because of its controversial potential, even if it is approved it may quite possibly never be made public.

So we are placed in a situation where, despite the believability of the basic information, we have to either trust FPJ and author Lamb, or indulge in speculations.

Some commentators have suggested that the report is a “psy-op” intended to lull us to sleep by suggesting that all is well, and that things are being looked after.  But if that is true, then in my humble opinion, how could people so easily put to sleep ever wake up in the first place?  Certainly, they are never going to be meaningfully reactive, and thus will not change anything.  In  this scenario, nothing has been gained, but nothing has been lost.

And if anyone is dumb enough to think that the truth is so unbelievable that telling it will be regarded as “anti-Semitism”, and gain sympathy for the perpetrators, well “thank you Lord” for including such idiots in our world.

I cannot see any reason why pro-Israel forces would invent such a story.  The “bottom line” as I see it it that anything which stirs up debate on the American-Israeli relationship, and does so by drawing serious attention to Israel’s abuses of human rights and of American generosity and goodwill, can only be counter-productive towards Israel. 

And there has indeed been a substantial amount of debate.

If it should indeed subsequently turn out that Franklin Lamb is an Israeli psy-op asset, then his credibility will be ruined, and Tel Aviv will find itself engaging in an exhaustive study into how such a dumb mistake could ever have been made.  In the meantime, let the debate continue! 

And I am very glad to see that Grant Smith’s excellent book “Spy Trade” has also been picking up good coverage.  And, I hope, a few sales as well. 

Jeff Goodall.

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