Canada: Harper to be honoured for services to ‘human rights’

“Harper will travel to New York on Sept. 27 to receive the award from the Appeal of Conscience Foundation, founded by Rabbi Arthur Schneier… (Harper) will be recognized as a ‘champion of democracy, freedom and human rights.’”

Dear God, how utterly sickening.

Just a few days after severing diplomatic relations with Israel’s arch-enemy Iran, Stephen Harper, who claims to be “Israel’s best friend” and gives the appearance of taking direction from Tel Aviv when it comes to Canada’s Middle East foreign policy, is being given the “World Statesman of the Year” award by – taa-daaa! – a New York-based international ‘human rights” organization founded by a Rabbi.

In the “About” section of their website, the “Appeal of Conscience Foundation” describes itself thusly: “This interfaith coalition of business and religious leaders promotes peace, tolerance and ethnic conflict resolution. The Foundation believes that freedom, democracy and human rights are the fundamental values that give nations of the world their best hope for peace, security and shared prosperity.”

Despite its claim to be “interfaith”, I notice that a little over 50% of the “About” text provides background information on “Founder and President” Rabbi Schneier, including a  lengthy listing of his awards, appointments, and accomplishments.

And why not?  After all, he founded the organization in 1965, and he still runs it to this day.

Putting things into stark perspective, Stuart Littlewood wrote in the Palestine Chronicle in December last year that: “You cannot build a decent brand image on lies, obnoxious behaviour and a massive attitude problem… Telling lies is routine; they are in denial of reality; they exaggerate; they come to believe their lies; they have no remorse; and they have no regard for the consequences. Despite this, the Western media lap up anything Tel Aviv’s liars spew out.”

In “Stephen Harper’s twisted views on Israel” posted in March last year, I said that “Israel is a racist theocracy, which treats all citizens who are not Jewish as second rate inferiors.  It practices apartheid, and subjects the Palestinans to a brutal military occupation that has killed many thousands, including women and children… To praise Israel in the name of all Canadians is an unacceptable breach of decency and common sense, and deserves to be condemned by those who care about human rights and fair treatment for all.  Shame on you, Mr. Prime Minister.”

Earlier this year, Foreign Minister John Baird was quoted as saying that “Israel has no greater friend in the world today than Canada… It’s about values.”  As I said in a post at that time, “Speak for yourself, John, but if you think Israel’s ‘values’ include “freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law” for anybody in the Jewish State who is not actually Jewish, then you are either utterly dishonest or wilfully blind.”

In my opinion, Israel is a a racist, apartheid state which routinely commits the gravest breaches of human rights and international law.  It cares nothing for international norms, and through its brutal military occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, it routinely destroys property, cuts off access to water-wells, and kills or injures civilians without any regard for human life let alone human rights.

It was complicit in the Sabra and Shatila massacres in which as many as 3,500 refugees were killed in Lebanon in 1982, and at the end of 2008, used massive military force to slaughter over 1,400 residents of Gaza, the great majority unarmed civilians, many of them children.

I am utterly appalled that our Prime Minister can befriend and aid such a baleful blight on humanity.

In my opinion, the worst threat to world peace right now is not Iran, the biggest threat by far is Israel.  It has an unquenchable thirst for territory, successfully manipulates the Americans into fighting its wars for it, and has more nuclear weapons than the British.

You can go poncing off to New York to pick up your prize, Mr. Harper, but don’t think for one second that you represent me, or countless thousands of other Canadians, when it comes to Israel.

For shame.

Jeff Goodall.

Harper hailed as 2012 ‘world statesman’ by New-York based organization, the “Appeal of Conscience Foundation”

Toronto Star
Canadian Press
Sept. 11th, 2012

OTTAWA—Prime Minister Stephen Harper is being hailed as “World Statesman of the Year” by an American organization that previously feted Jean Chretien and British prime minister Gordon Brown.

The Prime Minister’s Office says Harper will travel to New York on Sept. 27 to receive the award from the Appeal of Conscience Foundation, founded by Rabbi Arthur Schneier.

Harper, according to the organization, will be recognized as a “champion of democracy, freedom and human rights.”

The event at New York’s famous Waldorf Astoria hotel takes place the same week that the United Nations’ 67th general assembly convenes for high-level debate, but Harper will not be making a speech at the world body.

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird will represent Canada at the UN general assembly.

Previous “world statesman” recipients have included Chretien in 2002, Australian prime minister John Howard in 2005, France’s Nicolas Sarkozy in 2008 and South Korean President Lee Myung-bak in 2011.

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