Toronto: Africentric schools no cure for low IQ

“The (Africentric) school concept finally got approval last November. It opened this month at Scarborough’s Winston Churchill Collegiate as the Africentric Leonard Braithwaite Program, named after Ontario’s first black MPP… Enrolment? Six… Teaching staff? Three, as of last Friday.”

The above quote comes from Moira MacDonald’s article “Toronto’s Africentric high school has six students” appearing in the Toronto Sun on September 18th.  She points out that $75,000 has been spent so far, and that does not include salaries.

If you build it, they will come?  Apparently not, in this case.  It would seem that the concept of segregating black children so that they can be taught through an “Africentric lens” may not be too big a seller after all. 

But don’t worry, “We haven’t given up on the program” says Toronto’s Director of Education Chris Spence, who is black himself.  He admits to being slow off the mark in advertising the programme, and says that a lot of cut-offs were missed when suitably-aged students were making their decisions for the future.  But he still thinks the programme should be “given time” to try to establish itself.

Personally, I can think of better ways to spend public money on education than by responding to a ‘perceived’ as opposed to a clearly-identified need by failing to sell the initiative properly, and then asking for more time (and money) to give it a chance. 

It should be remembered that this is not the first “Africentric” project.  As MacDonald tells us, “The Africentric Alternative elementary school faced similar criticism when first announced in 2007. But it at least had a healthy first-year enrolment at its 2009 opening because there was sufficient lead time to promote it and develop the program.”

Why the sloppy, ineffective “marketing” this time around?  After all, with such programmes already in place elsewhere in Toronto, one would think that black parents would be aware of the possibilities and requesting the opportunity to enrol their children in such a programme.

It seems to me that Director Spence is trying to create a race-based market for specialised programmes, and in my opinion he should be told to straighten out his act and only spend the taxpayers’ money in areas where there is a clearly identified need – such as in general education for all students.

MacDonald says that when the notion of “Africentric schools” was first brought forward, critics responded by saying that it was “segregationist or a form of ethnic favouritism”.  In my humble opinion it was both, and in terms of the present realities, it doesn’t bother me at all.   

Segregating black students should provide immense relief for white students who find themselves held back by the boisterous and disruptive antics of their black classmates, and black children will find themselves miraculously unburdened of those boring white children who, for some inexplicable reason, seem to think that schools are for picking up books and learning from them. 

My “Toronto Africentric Schools Issue” category already contains five items prior to this one, dated from September 26th, 2010 to November 24th, 2011, (link below). 

Here are some extracts, with occasional emphasis added, and in no particular order:

“Students are ‘steeped’ in ‘African cultural principles’? Should they not be getting this at home? Are European cultural principles not working for them? What is this telling us?”

“I do not think for one second that ‘African’ students suddenly run into trouble the instant they step onto Canadian soil. They have problems in the Caribbean, and they have problems in Africa. Their cognitive inability, and lack of incentive to concentrate and learn, are not a result of their moving into White societies.”

“In my opinion, the one ‘uncomfortable truth’ that won’t be addressed, by the Toronto School Board or by any government agency or political party, is the significantly lower average IQ of blacks as compared to whites… (this) difference in cognitive abilities renders the absorption of black immigrants into Canada, or any other white society, difficult and disruptive as well as ultimately impossible… Skirmishing with the symptoms of low IQ will not help to resolve the underlying problem.”

“…if we continue… we will eventually reach the point where the average IQ of our workforce will no longer be sufficient to maintain our high-tech societies, and we will quickly become part of the third-world. Or looking at it another way, there just simply won’t be a ‘first world’ any more…”

 “We are warring against nature in attempting to integrate such people into our cultures and economies, and the sooner we begin to reverse this negative and destructive process the better off we will be.”

It’s just as simple as that. 

White nations everywhere must face up to this problem, and find an effective and humane way of dealing with it.  Otherwise, our civilization will slowly but surely collapse, and the bright future of the White race will be forever extinguished.

Jeff Goodall.

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