Sheriff Dever’s death a blow to U.S. border security

“His loss, obviously, has an immediate impact on Cochise County, but there’s going to be a long term impact on a national level. I don’t think there’s another sheriff in this country that had the passion that Larry did on border issues. He just worked tirelessly on that…” – Sierra Vista Police Chief Ken Kimmel.

“We (also) admired Sheriff Dever’s strength to speak out when he believed more needed to be done to secure our border. Sheriff Dever was not only a leader in Cochise County, but also across Arizona and throughout the law enforcement community. Sheriff Dever was a man of honor, integrity, and selfless service to the State of Arizona. He will be greatly missed.” – Senators John McCain and Jon Kyl.

“They can keep their declarations and their findings and pack them all up and keep them in the United Nations because we really don’t care what they think” – Sheriff Larry Dever.

Sheriff Dever was prominent among those who stood firm against President Obama’s lack of concern over border safety, and his loss will be keenly felt.

At a press conference with a number of other sheriffs on October 7th, 2011 themed “Stand With Arizona”, he was quoted as saying:  “We are here to help defend America, whether it’s beyond the border or any place north where the tentacles of these cartels reach into our communities across this nation every single day.  And for our own government to be complicit in helping them conduct that business is offensive to us.”

He was active in the  Border Sheriffs Legal Defense Fund, and in June of last year they made a request for donations which I reproduced. 

In that post, I said:  “Whether one lives in Cochise County, elsewhere in the States, or outside the States for that matter, Sheriffs Dever and Babeu carry a powerful symbolism in the fight against illegal immigration. And in Canada, we have abuse of our refugee and visitor systems by people who often use our pathetic sieve of a border to enter Canada with the intention of then sneaking into the U.S.”

In August of 2010, Dever was quoted as saying that he finds it “amazing” that the U.S. State Department would refer the recently passed immigration law in his state to the United Nations Human Rights Council for review. 

He said “Course, I have about as much regard for the U.N. as I do the vermin that hides in the rocks around my house here and reaches out and tries to bite me every now and then.”

I never met Sheriff Dever, and I have never been to Arizona.  But I do believe that Dever was a man who stood up for what he believed was right, and who showed no fear. 

In the appeal for donations referred to above, he said:  “I don’t make the laws, I don’t favor one set of people over another, hate anyone or ask for any special favors from my friends and family.”

The world is a lesser place without him.

Jeff Goodall.

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