Israel seems unconcerned about risking world war

In its article “Iran may launch pre-emptive strike on Israel, conflict could grow into WWIII – senior commander” published on September 23rd, (link below), Russia Today quotes a Revolutionary Guard Deputy Commander as saying that “Iran’s defensive strategy is based on the assumption that we will engage in a war, a massive battle against a global coalition led by the US”. 

And Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu is quoted as saying that “Iran must never be allowed to acquire nuclear arms”.

So, Iran feels that it is backed into a corner, and Israel is baying for war.

And why is this?  Because “gallant little Israel” fears that big, bad Iran is eager to turn it into a green-glass parking lot? 

Not very likely.  Israel is the third or fourth most powerful nuclear-armed state in the world, and such an attack would be suicidal. 

The issue here is that as the sole nuclear power in the Middle East, Israel can bully and bluster to its heart’s content, refuse to return the land taken from Jordan and Syria, and continue squeezing the Palestinians off their land, all with little fear of any meaningful consequence.

A nuclear-armed Iran, or Saudi Arabia or Egypt for that matter, will upset the balance of power severely, and interfere with Israel’s presently unfettered plunder of its neighbours and the Occupied Territories.

That is what this is all about, and that is why American youth and treasure are once again about to be put in service to Israel, without any regard for the inevitable tragic costs in terms of deaths, injuries, and financial loss.

Nor is there any regard for the distinct possibility of things careening dangerously out of control as nuclear powers Russia and China move to defend their multi-billion dollar investments in Iranian oil extraction and processing infrastructure.

Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan are stark reminders of the consequences of failing to possess nuclear weapons, and the smashing and destruction of those states is in vivid contrast to the kid-glove treatment accorded to nuclear-armed states such as North Korea.

If the Iranians don’t have a nuclear weapons programme, then they are fools.

Simple as that.

Jeff Goodall.

See Russia Today’s article here.