“Detaching children from morality-based sexual values”

In his excellent article below, Joe Warmington of the Toronto Sun describes how the Toronto District School Board is confusing and disorienting children with posters carrying slogans and images about issues of gender and “alternative” families. “Love has no gender”?  “There are no rules for being a boy or a girl”?  As Warmington says, “What the hell is going on with these people?” 

One would think that children should be left alone to enjoy their childhood while they can.  But the TDSB obviously thinks differently, and clearly has no scruples about exposing children to such ideas – and in my opinion, indoctrination – long before they are old enough to be able to think for themselves.

It’s hard to tell who is responsible here, TDSB Director Chris Spence or premier Dalton McGuinty, and there have been several disturbing actions undertaken by both.  As the Toronto Sun’s Christina Blizzard suggested last year with regards to the province’s school anti-bullying legislation, “The bill sounds more like a political statement about gay rights than a piece of legislation.”

There can be a very thin line between tolerating deviant behaviour and actually promoting it, and in my opinion, the province and school board are way past that line. 

This notion that schools and teachers are “co-parents” is simply a stratagem to allow the indoctrination of society’s most precious asset, its children, into notions of family and sexuality that will ultimately destroy our society and the culture and traditions which produced it.

In their editorial “Explicit sex education program planned for Ontario” in April of 2010, the National Post said that “…we see the program as a political vehicle for special interest groups obsessed with “social justice”, who perceive entrenchment of their libertine agenda in public school curricula as the quickest and most efficient route to detaching children from morality-based sexual values.”

They were absolutely right.  Make no mistake about it, everything that we stand for is under remorseless attack, and we are being forced to pay for it.

It is time to get organized and fight back.

Jeff Goodall.

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