Ontario’s socialist health plan spurns “expensive” patients

“Erika Crawford is a 17-year-old ticking time bomb… (she) has been diagnosed with a rare disorder that has sucked the collagen from her tissues and joints, leaving her wobbly and susceptible to a sudden movement that will lead to death.”

“It’s not a cure because you can’t cure a connective tissue disease… It’s to save my life and allow me to walk, and hopefully fix my blinded vision in my left eye, stop the blackouts, the numbing in my legs and the paralysis.” – Erika.

What an appalling situation. 

We are compelled to belong to the Ontario Health Insurance Plan and to pay into it; it is a province-wide government-mandated monopoly.  Any doctors who try to operate privately are harassed by Queen’s Park until they quit.  Our taxes are used to pay for any shortfall.

And yet this young woman, who has a rare, life-threatening disease, is being abandoned by OHIP, with her parents desperately trying to find help outside the province.  

There are other people also, with rare diseases and afflictions that OHIP will not cover because there is such little need for the necessary drugs that the cost of producing the drugs is astronomical.

And in times of economic restraint, I can understand any government wanting to cut costs.

But for a publicly-funded insurance monopoly to refuse service, even if the cost is sky-high, is a betrayal of trust on a number of different levels.

A good few years ago, I was very upset when train services to remote areas were cut.  I felt then, and I feel now, that if we are going to have a country, then we have to make it work for everybody. 

We all have to cover each other when it comes to the essentials. 

And although I am a “small -c” limited government conservative, I do believe that there are some services which are best provided by government.

And so it is with OHIP. 

I paid into the system without asking for much for many years, and now I’m taking out.  I needed a hip replacement recently, and if I was living in the States, I would have been forced into bankruptcy. 

I don’t feel any guilt, I paid into OHIP for all of those years, and I feel that I am entitled to take out whenever I need to.  I have paid into the system since 1966.

OHIP is monopoly insurance, and if we are forced to pay into it by the government, then the government should be forced to take the hits no matter how expensive they are.

As I said earlier, any OHIP shortfall is made up out of general government revenues.  It’s a bit like a lottery that nobody wants to win.

We need to support this young lady, and a list of Ontario MPP’s is linked to below.

Donations to help fund Erika Crawford’s operation in Maryland can be made at any CIBC branch under the account 02-952-8490783.

Jeff Goodall.

See “Teen’s rare disorder not covered by OHIP”” (Toronto Sun) here.

Alphabetical list of MPP’s here.

Find your MPP by your postal code here.