Harper backtracking on Israel?

In an interesting article in the Ottawa Citizen yesterday, William Marsden of Postmedia News provided more current detail on previous stories by others indicating that Prime Minister Harper will not necessarily be toeing the Israeli line on Iran – at least, not entirely.

Indeed, in a comment attributed to “a senior Canadian government official” we are told that: “Canada will not be publicly setting red lines. That is for others to do. We will continue to work with our allies to find a peaceful resolution on Iran.”  (Emphasis added).

Well, rock my soul!!! 

Peace is the last thing that Israel wants, and this sudden failure by the Canadian government to bow to the Zionists and their Christian and Jewish backers indicates to me the distinct possibility that enough Canadians have been telling senior Canadian politicians about their hostility towards Zionist warmongering and racism that Harper is beginning to back off.

And even if I am wrong, I am totally convinced that it is impossible to complain too loudly about the Israel / Jewish lobby and its negative effects on Canada, the United States, and the rest of the civilized world.

Keep it up, Brothers and Sisters!  I doubt that the “parasites” will ever stop their attacks on us, therefore we must never, ever stop our efforts to defend ourselves.

Jeff Goodall.

See William Marsden’s article here.

You can contact Prime Minister Harper at pm@pm.gc.ca or here.

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