South Africa: Black-on-White genocide

“It’s heinous torture… Even children as young as two months old get burned with hot water, get wrapped in newspaper and burned… there is no easy way of saying exactly how these people are tortured. The standard would be a hot iron, electric iron, boiling water … and these are carried out for hours.” – Sonia Hruska, disillusioned “early supporter of Mandela and the dream of a rainbow South Africa”.

On October 6th of this year, “The New American” carried a story by Christian Gomez headed “South African Tells of Genocide in Communist-dominated South Africa”.

In it, we are told of how the promise of “a country where, regardless of the color of one’s skin or ethnicity, one could live in harmony and equality” turned out to be a cynical propaganda ploy to appeal to the instinctive altruism of Whites in order to get them to co-operate in their own destruction.

One such a person was Sonia Hruska, quoted above, who slowly came to realise that the Communist elements in the African National Congress (ANC) were lying, and that dispossession and eventual extermination of South Africa’s Whites was the real agenda, not a ‘multicultural paradise’ of racial harmony and brotherly love.

One may wonder at the notorious gullibility of such liberally-minded people.  The ANC was known to all as a Communist front, long before the end of apartheidt.  The ideologically-blinkered Ms. Hruska was a consultant to Nelson Mandela’s government from 1994 to 2001, involved in the implementation of government policy.

Once the Black administration was firmly in place, the carnage began.  Over 3,000 White farmers have been killed since 1994, the year that Ms. Hruska began working for the ANC, and I am amazed that it took so long for her to ‘catch on’.  But catch on she did, and to her credit, finally saw the light.

Mind you, she is quoted as saying that “I realized something serious is wrong; the communist elements are taking over, it’s not what we were promised.”  Perhaps she is trying to imply that she was deliberately misled, but I fail to see how she could work for an ANC government for six years and remain unaware of the party’s Communist and racial motivations.  And she must have been aware of the increasing number of White farmers being murdered.

And if I seem ungrateful and unappreciative towards her, it is because without such gullible and altruistic people in our midst, it would be far harder for our enemies to undermine and destroy us.  That fact needs to be highlighted prominently, despite her subsequent self-rehabilitation.

Sonia Hruska now devotes herself to trying to bring about a world-wide  awareness of what is happening in her homeland.  “You cannot criticize Mandela or the ANC; they are sacred cows” she says, but she still does so because she believes that the truth must be told despite the obstacles involved.

It is absolutely astonishing to read her account of how Whites are excluded from job opportunities through “affirmative action”, to the point that business owners can actually be jailed for hiring White people, who are now effectively forbidden to engage in any meaningful form of economic activity.

And yet the Chinese, who are buying up large parts of Africa and are resented by the vast majority of  Blacks throughout that continent for their exclusionary and arrogant habits and manners, have been classed as “Black” so that they can take managerial jobs, make investments, and buy up mines and other businesses, including banks.

According to Genocide Watch, “A recent outbreak of violent farm invasions has led to casualties among white South Africans. The farm invasions are direct results of calls by Julius Malema and his Deputy, Ronald Lamola for whites to give up their land without compensation, or face violence by angry black youths flooding their farms.” 

According to Genocide Watch’s “8 stages of Genocide”, South Africa is at Stage 5: Polarization.  Their report is vital reading in order to understand the situation, and there is a link to it below.

Despite the South African courts declaring the song “Kill the Boer, kill the farmer!” to be hate speech, (and incitement to murder would certainly be illegal in any Western jurisdiction), leaders of the ANC from the President of the country on down, deliberately flout the law and continue to sing it at rallies.

Hruska also describes how human trafficking is not illegal in South Africa, and that young White girls are often kidnapped for use as sex slaves.  This goes on to a sufficient extent that she gives it equal billing with the slaughter of White farmers, in her efforts to attract the world’s attention.

The situation in South Africa is not going to improve, and those Whites unable to escape from there, (and politically-correct Western countries do not want “White racists” as immigrants), will be slaughtered with the same zeal and savagery that up to 20,000 Arabs in Zanzibar were slaughtered by Blacks in 1964. 

As a side-note, the world didn’t pay much attention to that, either, and you have probably never heard of it.  But the Blacks commemorate it each year with celebrations and a public holiday, see the link below.

And then, the jewel that was once one of Britain’s finest and most advanced colonies, and later continued its rise as a Boer-dominated republic, will sink back into jungle barbarism and join the other pathetic examples of what were once advanced and emerging economies but which, once the firm hand of White control was removed, collapsed into ignorance, superstition, and  savagery.

Many large cities in North America show similar signs of barbarism and decay, in fact such conditions are guaranteed anywhere that large numbers of Blacks are to be found.  The Detroit Police recently issued a warning to people visiting there, saying that they do so “at your own risk”.

And why is it happening in the United States?  It is because of the school de-segregation and Civil Rights Acts of the mid-1900‘s, with Blacks being allowed to revert to form, unhindered by the discipline formerly imposed upon them by anti-miscegenation and segregation laws.

Not to be left behind, Canada, Britain, and other White countries, have opened their doors to hordes of low-IQ Blacks and others, who cannot integrate without special advantages in hiring and education.  They are importing racial and social problems where none previously existed.

Sooner or later the number of Blacks in our larger cities will reach ‘critical mass’, and they will turn on us, too.  And America will likely experience this before the rest of us, particularly if President Obama is not re-elected.

The writing is on the wall. 

We are in a battle for our racial survival, and if we allow ourselves to be mongrelised and eclipsed, there will be a prolonged “Dark Age” from which humanity, with it’s best and brightest gone, will not have the slightest chance of recovering.

It’s getting very late in the day.  We must become aware, we must organise, and we must prevail; and if we are to be able to achieve our objectives through “legal” means, we must do it soon.

The darkness awaits.

Jeff Goodall.

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