Does Muslim “sex-grooming” of White girls occur in Canada?

The British National Party has recently produced a leaflet on the dangers of Muslim “grooming gangs” which seek to befriend under-age White girls and prepare them for use as sex objects.  There have been several scandals in Britain over this practice, with police and politicians covering up such criminal activities for fear of being called “racist”.  Or, as seems more likely to me, fear of the horror and repulsion the general public would feel towards the perpetrators, and the civil unrest that could ensue.

Either way, young British girls have been victimised and abused by such gangs for decades, and only now is the subject receiving the attention it deserves.  And this is largely as the result of efforts by such groups as the BNP, despite continual harassment by the authorities.  And clearly the media is involved in the cover-up also, perhaps at the request of the government and police.

Of particular interest to me is the fact that we never, ever hear of such “grooming” activities in Canada, despite the large number of Muslims present in our population, and the considerable attention that the Canadian media pays towards “honour killings” both here and abroad.

These paedophile predators seek out young girls whose parents are divorced, are from broken homes, or who are in other situations resulting in low self-esteem and a strong need to be “loved”.  They are highly vulnerable to experienced older men, who actively seak out such girls.  And there are plenty of such girls in Canada, particularly in our cities, where anonymity provides excellent cover for such activities. 

In Australia, the notorious “Sydney gang rapes” which took place in the year 2000 were described as “ethnically motivated hate crimes” by officials and commentators, and “Judge Michael Finnane described the rapes as events “you hear about or read about only in the context of wartime atrocities”. (See Wikipedia link below.)  This resulted in the creation a new category of crime known as “aggravated sexual assault in company.”

I do not think for one second that such activities do not take place in Canada.  Indeed, I not only fear that such activities are taking place here, but that the police and politicians are covering up such incidents for the same reasons the British authorities did.

Below are links to several informative news stories on the British experience, and also to the British National Party leaflet.

The leaflet contains a questionnaire that will be extremely useful to any girls who may be in danger, and to their families.  It tells what to watch out for, and how to deal with such situations if the “grooming cycle” begins.

To repeat, I do not believe that Muslim abuse of young White girls miraculously stops as soon as it reaches the Canadian border.  I believe that there is a high probability that such activities are taking place in Canada, and that the authorities are covering them up for fear of accusations of “racism”, and because of the likelihood of major breaches of the peace if the public becomes aware of such activities.

I believe that such predatory activities must be met full-on and dealt with severely, no matter where the chips may fall.  Anything less is to invite further abuse, and further attacks on our tolerant and far-too-accommodating society.

Read the questionnaire, and keep your eyes open.  If you do not, nothing will change, and you may find yourself with a tragedy on your hands.

Jeff Goodall.

See the “grooming activity” questionnaire here. It is part of a lengthy article with a great deal of useful information.

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