The Obama re-election disaster: What does the future hold?

A final selection of thoughts and analysis on how and why President Obama was re-elected, and why it will take the United States a long time to recover – if it can recover at all. 

Third-World immigration, plus the collapse of decency, tradition and civility over the last several decades, will result in a rapidly-accelerating decline unless halted by strict enforcement of the Constitution by the Supreme Court, and, if should become necessary, by the military. -JG.

Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh – “The End of An Empire”

Fellowship of the minds – “The day America committed suicide”

From The Trenches World Report – “Who Is Valerie Jarrett? –After We Win This Election, Its Our Turn. Payback Time”

Dick Morris – “Why I was wrong”

Patrick J. Buchanan – “The Coming Age of Austerity”

The Washington Post – “Roundup: Voter irregularities”

Family Security Matters – “Game Called on Account of Darkness”

San Francisco Chronicle – “Obama wins re-election”

American Thinker – “The Death of Ordinary Decency” – “The Lull Before the Social Storm”