Gaza: America ‘enabling’ Israeli slaughter

Below are links to ten news items regarding the current military attack on Gaza being mounted by the ‘Jewish State of Israel’.

The first two items clearly demonstrate Israel’s delight that their servile U.S. lackey supports them in their murderous aggression and slaughter of innocents, and the remainder show the human cost of Israel’s malice, and give an idea of what may come next.

It seems clear that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is launching the attack to bolster his re-election chances, and may want to use any regional responses to his aggression as an excuse for increased belligerance and perhaps even an attack against Iran.

The American Thanksgiving comes on November 22nd this year, and any serious escalation will likely come on that day, or soon after, as it will receive considerably less press attention then.

It is important to bear in mind that Israel recently violated an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire which was holding.  And now, rather than try to help any further, Egypt has given up on Israel’s intransigence and deceit, and has withdrawn its ambassador to Israel.

This is not just a matter of Israel beating up on Gaza and engaging in some innocent ethnic cleansing.  Russia, China, and India, have invested heavily in Middle East oil production, particularly in Iran.

And the ‘bottom line’ is this:  If Israel’s power over Congress and the White House can be broken, the world will return to sanity.

If not, then it is just a matter of time before the nuclear powers face off over the Middle East, and the world as we know it will quite likely come to an end.

Jeff Goodall.

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