Gaza: Infrastructure destroyed, press and civilians attacked

Factors underlying this vicious military attack on a largely helpless civilian population are the upcoming Israeli election, Palestine’s move towards “observer” status at the U.N., and Israel’s never-ending quest to acquire more and more real estate and then clear it of unwanted “others”.

What I am attempting to do is extract salient information from the foreign (less-controlled) press and the internet, together with such revealing pro-Israeli propaganda and leaks as appear in the mainstream press, and then assemble it all into an easily-surveyed and digested presentation.

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As I look at Israel today, I am reminded of my late father’s attitude towards Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany – here comes a lot of trouble.  Israel doesn’t want peace, it wants more land, and it will do absolutely anything to get it.

Here are links to a number of items on “Operation Pillar of Cloud/Defence”, divided into sections.

Jeff Goodall.

Politics and the press

Straight Talk on Gaza
“Operation Pillar of Cloud was planned months ago. All military campaigns take many weeks or months of planning. Attacking Gaza coincides with Israel’s January elections.”

Stop pretending the US is uninvolved – Guardian
“Israeli aggression is possible only because of direct, affirmative, unstinting US diplomatic, financial and military support for Israel and everything it does.”

Airstrike on Gaza media complex injures 6 journalists
“The impact was focused on the eleventh floor, where the office of al-Quds TV is located.”

Israel knowingly targeted the media – Russia Today
“RT Arabic wasn’t the only channel to be affected – local, Italian, German, Lebanese and Kuwaiti channels also suffered, with some merely losing equipment or office space, and others ending up in hospitals, wounded by the blast.”

American and Israeli plans and objectives in Palestine,the Middle East and Iran
“In the US the Jewish lobby’s power at the Congress and its influence on both the Democratic and Republican party prevents any executive power from achieving the Israeli withdrawal from the Occupied Palestine Territories.”

‘It’s got to do with Iran’: U.K. Chief Rabbi

Racist Israeli Rabbi Calls For Genocide and Extermination of Palestinians
Interesting videos…

The real reason for the Assault On Gaza?
Palestine’s upgrade to UN “non-member observer state” status is virtually a foregone conclusion, with an overwhelming majority of the UN General Assembly expected to vote in favor and only a handful, led by the US and Israel, in opposition.

Impact on civilians and infrastructure

Living in Gaza: “Their drones hover like invisible demons above us, flying unseen and unheard high in the sky with their high-technology spyware. The drones follow suspects and beam back their co-ordinates to the soldiers who fire off missiles – as if they were playing some deadly video game with real flesh-and-blood targets.”

Israel Bombing Residential Areas, Civilian Infrastructure in Gaza

Israel Dep PM Yishai: “We must blow Gaza back to the Middle Ages destroying all the infrastructure including roads & water”

Israel Considers Any Palestinian Infrastructure That Can Be Connected to Hamas to Be ‘Terrorist’

Gaza hospitals face dire supply shortages


British Legislator: Israeli Killings in Gaza Unjustifiable: “This is effectively a first world state attacking a poor and largely defenseless population… it looks like (Israeli prime minister Benjamin) Netanyahu is creating a crisis to ensure his reelection.” – Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn.

Scotland: Pro-Palestinian rally taking place in Edinburgh

Israel: 100s protest against Gaza operation in Tel-Aviv

Scots condemn Israeli ‘massacre’ in Gaza