‘First Nations Financial Transparency Act’ passed

Bill C-27, the “First Nations Financial Transparency Act” passed Third Reading on November 27th, 2012.  It must still clear the Senate and be signed into law, but that is pretty-much a foregone conclusion.  Congratulations to sponsor Aboriginal and Northern Affairs Minister John Duncan, and Saskatoon-Rosetown-Biggar MP Kelly Block who introduced the original private members’ bill on this issue and worked so hard for it’s passing.

In my opinion, we can expect some shocking initial revelations, followed by a period of relative apathy during which we must be especially vigilant.  And the greater the abuses that come to light, the greater will be the screaming about “racism” and the threats to block major highways.

Our tax money has created a magical fantasy world of greed and opulence that some Band Chiefs actually live in; they will not be dragged out of it willingly.

Jeff Goodall.

Read the full text of the Bill here.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation also worked extremely hard on this issue.  You can visit their website here.

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You can congratulate John Duncan at minister@aadnc-aandc.gc.ca, and Kelly Block at info@kellyblock.ca.