Occidental Observer’s “heads up” regarding Theresa May

“Anyone wondering about the priorities of Mrs Theresa May should follow her actions from the moment she learned she was to become Britain’s next Prime Minister… Her first act was to sign a pledge committing her to remember the Holocaust and “stand up to hatred and intolerance”. And her second was to spend the evening […]

The Occidental Observer’s annual year-end fundraiser!

“…your support is critical to our success and our ability to fulfill our unique niche of providing fact-based, well-written articles on White identity, and White interests. “We also present honest discussions of the critical importance of Jewish influence in the decline of the West and for the disastrous instability in the Middle East – the […]

The Occidental Observer’s annual appeal for donations

I have been an e-mail subscriber to their well thought-out and insightful commentaries for several years now. Their work is excellent, and they only appeal for funds once a year. I highly recommend them, and will be donating whatever I can. You can visit their website here, read their appeal here, and donate here. Thanks, […]

The Occidental Observer is a vital source of information

I read Dr. Kevin MacDonald’s book “Culture of Critique” several years ago, and was very impressed.  It explains a great deal about the decline of the West, why all political parties support the importation of largely-unassimilable Third-World immigrants and refugees regardless of the overwhelming objections of the people, why the Christian religion, the family unit […]